Information About Our School

Our school is a larger than average sized primary school, with, at any one time, approximately 400 children on roll.

We are currently oversubscribed in every year group and the Local Authority operates a waiting list.

Many children do come from the immediate neighbourhood but unusually, we are a school right on the boundary of Hull and the East Riding and some of our children come from Hull.

This means that we have the pleasure of liaising with both the East Riding and Hull Local Authorities for children’s services and some children travel quite a distance to get to school each day.

We cater for children from the age of 4 until they are 11.

Children are taught in both mixed and single age groups, and mixed ability classes.

Children are admitted in September if their 5th birthday falls before 31st August of the following year.

These children are taught in the Foundation Stage classes with three teachers, a Teaching Assistant and a Nursery Nurse and then usually progress each September to a new class.

Our school strap line is ‘A place to nourish thinking minds.’ This is a line from a poem written in April 2003 by a member of staff as she was leaving. The poem in its entirety is hanging up somewhere in school.  See if you can spot it next time you are visiting and spot who wrote it!

   This is a Place

This is a place for friends to share.
To show their love, concern and care.
A place to listen, serve and give
and build a better way to live.

A place to stretch and strive and grow.
A place to ask, and learn and know.
A place to nourish thinking minds
and to discover exciting finds.

A place of thankyou, please and sorry
with little time to waste on worry.
With children who can trust and learn,
politely wait and take their turn.

This is a place where people feel
they can be honest, straight and real.
This is a place for fun and laughter –
A school of happily ever after.


There’s such a lot to find out about our school. This website is a good start but if you really want to know about us, come and visit us soon. You are assured of a warm welcome.

Come and take a look around our school