Admissions – How do children get started at Acre Heads?

If you are a parent and you would like your child to attend Acre Heads school in Foundation Stage you are welcome to look around the school at any time.

There are two formal opportunities to do this in October in an ‘access all areas visit’ and in May / June in an information for new starters meeting.

The dates for these are advertised through our local pre-schools and on this website.

The allocation of places at our school is decided by the Local Authority and all applications should be made to them by telephoning the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 01482 887700 and asking for School Admissions or going through the ER website – Admissions.

Prior to making an application parents/carers are very welcome to have an informal look around the school during the school day.  This can be arranged by making an appointment with the Welcome Desk staff.

Presently our admission number is 60. The Local Authority has a coordinated scheme with set criterion for allocating places if the number applying exceeds this number. We are invariably oversubscribed every year.

Criterion (i) – Places will first be given to children who are looked after by the local authority.

Criterion (ii) – Places will next be given to children who live in the school’s designated catchment area.

Criterion (iii) – Places will next be given to children who have a sibling attending the school in Reception or Years 1 to 5.

Criterion (iv) – Places will next be given to those children who live closest to the school. The distance from the child’s home to the school will be measured and priority will be given to those living nearest to the school.

A waiting list is maintained by the Local Authority with children prioritised according to the criteria set out above. They also administer the appeal arrangements which are heard by independent admission appeal panels.

Further details of the Local Authority procedures can be found by telephoning 01482 887700 and asking for Schools Admissions.

The LA policy followed can be downloaded here: