Breakfast Club

For those busy parents who have to be up and off early in the morning we provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for the children to have breakfast, a chat with their friends and a few games before school.

What better way to start your day!

Normally, the children have a great opportunity to socialise with children of all ages whom they might not usually meet in the course of an ordinary school day. They eat their breakfasts together and play a range of co-operative games. With the current covid-19 restrictions, year groups are staying together as bubbles. Once we are able to do so, normal procedures will recommence.

A gentle relaxed start to the day rather than a frantic rushing around ensures the children are ready to start their learning as soon as they enter the classroom.

This has a huge impact on the children’s sense of wellbeing.

If you are interested in sending your child to our successful breakfast club please call the Welcome Desk and ask for further details or you can book your child a place using SIMs Pay.

Breakfast Club costs £2:50 per child per day.

For further information:

Breakfast and Teatime Club leaflet