Awe inspiring Sugarloaf Titanic Homework projects

23rd February 2018 The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh, The ally-ally-oh, the ally-ally-oh. Oh, the big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh On the last day of September. The captain said it will never, never do, Never, never do, never, never do. The captain said it will never, never do On the last day of [...]

Through the Tudor Keyhole

19th December 2018 Tudor Houses Half-timbered with white-painted wattle and daub painted walls, these houses had steeply-pitched roofs and small-paned casement windows, often with a jetty overhanging the street. They are the very essence of Olde England, pretty black and white dwellings with great character and centuries of history steeped in their walls. Tudor homes [...]

Mega Greek Day – Y5

1st December 2017 About 2,500 years ago, Greece was one of the most important places in the ancient world. The Greeks were great thinkers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians. The Greeks called themselves 'Hellenes' and their land was 'Hellas'. The name ‘Greeks’ was given to the people of Greece later by the [...]