New Build Update

The build is on target to be finished for the start of the new academic year! Scaffolding around the new building has now been removed and the mass of trades people will be on site in a frenzy to complete the build in three weeks. First pictures of the new Year 6 classrooms....  

Guard of Honour

19th July 2018 And so, as the bell went on the last day of school, we said goodbye to all our leavers -  staff, children, friends and colleagues in the way we have been doing it for the last eight years. The leavers walked out under a canopy of rulers held by the staff and [...]

Circus Avago

19th July 2018 The whole school assembled to watch the brilliant circus show put on by Y2 and Y6 children on the field. They practised their new skills all morning and by the afternoon they were professionals thanks to our very good friends Jon and Steve from the Magic Carpet Theatre group who taught them [...]

Staff Gunging

18th July 2018 What would you pay to see the staff cringe as they are covered in very unpleasant slimy gunge? Well - quite a lot it seems. Thanks to everyone who contributed to school fund by voting for staff to be gunged. It was clear that Mrs Robinson was cooking up her revenge by [...]

Mega Golden Day

16th July 2018 Just when you thought Acre Heads couldn't get any more fun - along comes Mega Golden Day! This was a whole school whole day of fun wearing 'shorts and tee' and enjoying ice pops, bouncy castle, outdoor disco, outdoor lunch, games with friends, extra long playtimes and donations to the favourite charities [...]