31st January 2018

Report by Drax

In our class assembly, we have been writing short plays all about bullying online.

We had a song called ‘Stop Bullying.’

Our class also had lots of information.

We provided super smarts. Super smarts are like super heroes that keep you safe online.

In our class assembly, we also had to let the audience make decisions and we asked them to put their hands up, on shoulders or crossed. Crossing arms meant that the audience thought they were seeing a mean thing online in our play, putting their hands up meant that they thought they were watching something good happening.  Hands on shoulders meant that the audience was not sure.

Super smarts made the actors stop and think about what they were doing online.

This is what Drax parents and carers thought:

Very interesting and informative. Well done to the children for remembering such a lot of lines.

Well done everyone – good messages. Hope you all take note.

All children did fantastically. Really enjoyed it and such an important topic. Well done everyone and Miss Randall. 🙂

Really informative, the children all knew their lines really well. Very proud of you all – thank you!

Well done children and what a good idea to get them talking about this theme.

Well done, lovely play, children have done really well. Always well behaved.

A very important topic and you did a fabulous job raising awareness to your parents, pupils and each other. Great clear reading despite coughs and colds. 🙂

What a wonderful assembly and how clever to remember all the lines and a great topic.

Well done, very interesting, nice loud speaking. Please keep safe and remember keep listening and talking to adults about what you’re watching.

Drax, well done, it was brilliant. I have learned so much from today. I hope you remember this yourselves when using the internet or any devices. Lots of information to remember so you all did very well to remember your lines. Keep up the good work.

Great assembly, all superstars in my eyes.

Very well done, important to learn this important subject.

Excellent work from all the children. I enjoyed it all and the song was a fantastic number one. Thanks so much.

Very important message delivered in a fun way.

A very interesting topic. They were wonderful as always.

Fantastic remembering of lines, lots of information to retain. Well done Drax!