A recent BBC documentary has got educationalists thinking carefully about gender equality in the home and classroom.

To this end, we went in search of evidence.

Does Acre Heads force children either deliberately or subconsciously, to conform to gender expectations?

Well – you decide……

So here we see four builders in the workplace, making a wall for Humpty. The female builder is hands on, testing the work. The three male builders are doing a grand job of supervising. 🙂


She may be in a classroom and not a laboratory, but our lady physicist is carrying out important research into the ‘field’ of magnetism.


And here are six pictures which prove that it’s not all rough and tumble – boys do go for the more aesthetic, relaxing and therapeutic activities that school has to offer……..


….and four that prove the girls are just as capable in areas of construction and physical play.


And we love these pictures of very domesticated lads……….


Ah! Spoke too soon! 🙂

We really don’t have any mission or any hidden agenda. Boys and girls are equally likely to be washing up in the home corner, making pizza, hammering nails or constructing a fairy castle.

It’s all just good gender equality fun.