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For further information regarding the proposed phased opening of school, please click Phased Opening.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the government has passed legislation to close all educational establishments from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. Acre Heads Primary will remain open for ‘key workers’ throughout the emergency.

School Reopening 8 June
Update Reopening of Schools
 School Phased Opening – June 2020
School Closure 2020
 Key Workers Form
Home Learning Key Workers Page

These resources will help children understand the specific information about the coronavirus, what to expect with current situation and why. Social stories and comic strip conversations are designed to help children with Autism develop greater social understanding and stay safe.

Coronavirus Social Story Coronavirus Workbook
Coronavirus Inf Autistic Friendly Booklet Coping Calendar

For further advice and support about the coronavirus please click NSPCC Support and Advice Coronavirus.

Please find information giving a range of activities, projects and websites to use to support home learning during the emergency closure of schools.

Children working at home Home learning apps

Online Safety during Home Learning

As we enter the third week of the lockdown, the majority of our families will be encouraging their children to make good use of technology with no opportunities to see their classmates “in real life”.  Technology can help us all stay in touch safely but parents and carers will want to make sure that their children are as safe as possible. For help and support with online safety please see the following government recommended links for parents and carers: