Home Learning – PE

Welcome to the home learning page for PE

During the emergency closure of schools, Acre Heads has created a series of resources to support you keep your child/ren active. Please find below guides and materials to use with your child. Please contact school if you are unsure or need support.

PE Weekly plans – summer term
PE week 16
PE week 15
PE week 13
 PE week 12
 PE week 11

PE at Home Ideas
Home PE Ship Shape
Home PE Golf Rolling
Home PE Blast Off
Home PE Target Treasure Level 2

Home PE Sequence Champions
Home PE Target Treasure
Home PE Top Ten
Home PE Battleships Level 2
Home PE Feeling Flexible

Home PE Treasure Chest
Home PE Balance Time
Home PE Continuous Battleships
Home PE Keep on the Move
Home PE Rolling Penalties

Home PE Throw Tennis
Home PE Avoid the defenders
Home PE Climb the Ladder
Home PE Jumping Dice
Home PE Standing Long Jump

Home PE In the Box
Home PE Animal Moves
Home PE Right Way Wrong Way
Home PE Space Monsters
Home PE Three in a Row
Active Learning Find the Verb

Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks 8 minute workout 1
Joe Wicks five minute work out 5
Joe Wicks five minute work out 3
Joe Wicks five minute work out 2
Joe Wicks five minute work out 1

Active Learning
Active Learning Phonics Hopscotch
Active Learning Synonym Skipping
Bingo Physical Activity
Bingo Physical Activity Makaton
Active Learning Find the Verb

60 Second Challenge
PA Challenge The Plank
PA Challenge Burpees
PA Challenge Socks in the Box
PA Challenge Tap Up Tennis
PA Challenge Bunny Jump
PA Challenge Skipping
PA Challenge Step Ups
PA Challenge Around the World
PA Challenge Figure of 8
PA Challenge Fast Feet
PA Challenge Star Jumps
PA Challenge Air Balloon
60 Second Challenge Activity Tracking Sheet

Fairy Tale Yoga Instruction Cards


Pirate Yoga – Instruction Cards

Jungle Yoga Instruction Cards

Yoga childs pose
Yoga elephant pose
Yoga mountain pose
 Yoga Animal Story Cards

Ball Skills Home Learning Challenge

For more Cosmic Yoga please click the following link: Cosmic Yoga