Investors In Pupils

Investors In Pupils at Acre Heads

Investors In Pupils is a whole-school approach to enable effective pupil participation and pupil voice across the school organisation and community.  The award is focussed in five main areas:

  • Learning
  • Induction
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance (including punctuality)
  • School and classroom management

We believe that taking part in the programme will help the children achieve high standards in their education and will equip them with important life skills.

The five areas of Investors in Pupils


Each classroom’s display has individual targets set by the children themselves.  The display shows the progress they are all making and how this contributes to the class reaching its goals.


Each class has an induction booklet which is for new members to the class and visitors alike.  This contains information about life in the classroom and the school in general.  We hope this makes new people feel very welcome to the class and to the school as a whole.


The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around school.  The classes agree on Class charters at the beginning of each year. They also set class behaviour targets and and work on rewards for golden time.


The children understand the importance of good attendance and how it affects their learning. Attendance is very good at Acre Heads Primary School.

School and classroom management

The children think about what needs to be done to ensure that the classroom life runs smoothly.  They decide on classroom job titles and job descriptions and apply to take on these roles.

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