Healthy Lunches

At Acre Heads, we prepare a balanced, two-course meal that is cooked on the premises every day. The half term’s menu is preloaded into Sims Pay and parents can book and pay for meals in advance.

Menu Options

Children have the option of:

  • Hot school dinner
  • Jacket Potato
  • Sandwich Meal (ham, cheese or tuna) that includes fruit, pudding and drink
  • Home Dinner

During school trips, grab bags are available that includes a sandwich (either ham, cheese or tuna) pudding, fruit and a drink.

Universal Free School Meals

From September 2014, all KS1 children (4-7 yrs) are entitled to a free school meal.

KS2 children only

Dinner money should be paid by Saturday evening for the forthcoming week, or the first school day back after a holiday or period of sickness.  Payments must be paid in advance, via Sims Pay, either for the whole week or for the coming half term. The current cost of a school meal is £2.00, £10.00 per week.

For more information about Sims Pay visit schools information page for Sims Pay

Sims Pay – Half term’s menu options

Sims Pay – Daily menu options

Sims Pay – Selected menu options

Download Menu and Weekly Lunch Slips:

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