Mr Alistair Hart has been a Parent Governor since March 2017. He sits on the Finance Committee and is responsible for overseeing the Maths and Geography provision at school.

Mr Hart became a Governor to learn more about the working of the school and to have a sense of helping the staff and children. He was previously part of the Friends of Acre Heads fundraising committee.  Mr Hart particularly likes Acre Heads as he feels it is a friendly, pro-active school which constantly provides a great learning environment for all the children.

In real life he is a Travel Agent in a local business which does give him pecuniary interests in that some of his customers are parents and carers at the school.

Not a lot of people know that Mr Hart was in the year above Mrs R at Secondary School – there are tales he could tell but he won’t…………for now.

Mr Hart’s own school days were clouded with the fear of Parents’ Evenings and end of term reports – he wasn’t a model pupil. Thank goodness he’s a model Governor!