Mrs Amy O’Sullivan has been a Parent Governor since March 2017. She is responsible for monitoring the provision for English throughout the school.  She is part of the Achievement Committee.

Mrs O’Sullivan works in education so she has a strong passion for this area and wanted to contribute something to the local area. With her child starting at the school, she became a Governor because she thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do this.

In real life she is the Learning and Development Manager at Hull Business Training Centre. They provide Apprenticeships in a range of areas and she is responsible for ensuring all learners receive a high quality education to help them progress into their chosen career pathways. It is hard work but very rewarding.

Mrs O’Sullivan likes the way that Acre Heads is large enough for children to grow and develop their independence but small enough to maintain the feel of a supportive family unit. She actually attended Acre Heads as a child, although it was very different then and lots of building work has occurred and the old mobile units have now gone. Mrs Porter was the Headteacher then. One of the lunchtime supervisors who looked after her as a child is still at the school – can you guess which one?

Not a lot of people know that Mrs O’Sullivan has an obsession with interior design and she is not happy unless she can redecorate every room in her home at least once a year. This drives her husband crazy and there have been some weird and wonderful choices over the years. We think that this constant drive towards improvement is what makes Mrs O’Sullivan an excellent Governor.