Mrs Garnett has been a staff Governor since September 2009. She is responsible for the oversight of provision for Art and PSHE across the school. She sits on the Achievement Committee.

Mrs Garnett is a Year 5 Senior Teacher at school. She absolutely loves the children and how caring and tolerant they are. She particularly appreciates how friendly and well behaved they are. She feels blessed to work in such a lovely atmosphere.

Mrs Garnett is no stranger to important responsibility. When she was at school, she was given the very important role of milk monitor with her friend Steph. The job involved delivering the milk to Foundation Stage and the nursery next door.  They loved the job – not because of how appreciated they felt, not because of how crucial it was to get the milk to the little ones, but because they missed part of their maths lesson each day. They used to take it in turns to ride on the empty trolley down the hill on the way back- until they got caught by the caretaker.

Everone who knows Mrs Garnett knows that she is Disney obsessed. She’s been to Disney World no less than fifteen times and she loves everything about it – the sights, smells, sounds and the fact that she can be a big kid again.