Mr Sitch has been a Governor / Headteacher at Acre Heads since September 2018. He sits on all the Sub Committees and is responsible for organising training for Governors.

Mr Sitch’s own Primary School days in nearby Cottingham were filled with fun and sport. Is it any wonder then, that he is so determined to make our school a wonderful exciting place for all the children at Acre Heads and give them the opportunity to excel at sport?

Mr Sitch loves Acre Heads and feels that it is the best school in the whole world.  He has approximately 400 reasons for this opinion and each reason is very different but equally smashing. He also feels that these 400 children are the luckiest ever, to have the most dedicated, talented, nurturing and kind staff in the world to look after them and educate them. For him, it’s all about the child first and foremost and that’s what the ethos of Acre Heads is based on.

In real life, Mr Sitch is a dad to two young boys and has a close extended family who (like the staff and children of Acre Heads) have to put up with his constant ambitious ideas and high expectations.  Not a lot of people know this, but he has an energetic dog and four sleepy fish. He is obsessed with vintage Mini Coopers and has one of the very last cars that were produced. He is very competitive about everything he does!