Mrs R has been a Governor / Headteacher at Acre Heads since April 2011. She sits on all the Sub Committees. She is responsible for organising training for Governors.

Mrs R has a husband who works for East Riding of Yorkshire Council as an Engineer at the Street Lighting and Signs Department, which means that she has a possible pecuniary interest in any signs that get made for the school grounds, as they would be made by her husband’s team.

Mrs R’s own Primary School days in nearby Hessle were filled with fear and dread – teachers were allowed to hit children in those days (she’s quite ancient!) and she was smacked quite a few times. She wasn’t really naughty – she was smacked for things such as talking, for not being able to do her maths, for losing an exercise book and for asking to go to the toilet during a lesson. Is it any wonder then, that she is so determined to make our school a wonderful fear free place for all the children at Acre Heads?

Mrs R loves Acre Heads and feels that it is the best school in the whole world.  She has approximately 400 reasons for this opinion and each reason is very different but equally smashing. She also feels that these 400 children are the luckiest ever, to have the most dedicated, talented, nurturing and kind staff in the world to look after them and educate them. For her, it’s all about the child first and foremost and that’s what the ethos of Acre Heads is based on.

In real life, Mrs R is mum to two grown up men and she has a close extended family who (like the staff and children of Acre Heads) have to put up with her constant wild ideas and raucous behaviour.  Not a lot of people know this, but she has four dogs and seven chickens. She is obsessed with Vintage Murder Mysteries, Textiles, Stately Homes and Abseiling. In the past she has appeared on stage, screen and radio. She is very competitive about everything, but perhaps most bizarrely of all – she thinks in rhyme. (All the time.)