This Year’s Peak Venture Trip

Monday 5th June 2017

11:30 am –  Children to arrive at school

1:00 pm  – Set off

3:15pm –  Approximate arrival time

Friday 9th June 2017

1:00 – Set off for home

3:15 pm – Approximate arrival time

Parental Consent (Blue) Form

Peak Venture Parental Consent (Blue) form

Kit list

Peak Venture Kit List for Y6

Setting off arrangements

⇒  Peak Venture Setting Off - Y6

Peak Venture Website

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Peak Venture

Possible Questions and Answers

What kind of activities will the children be doing?

They will be tired out every day! It’s a non-stop, action packed week full of climbing, running, jumping, cheering, shouting, talking, laughing, swinging, balancing and thinking activities. There are high activities, low activities, thrilling activities, creative activities, competitive activities and therapeutic activities, noisy activities and quiet activities. 

Will the activities be safe?

Every activity is run by expertly trained coaches who do this for a living.  The centre has won various awards and adhere to the strictest safety procedures and regulations.

Can the children take photos?

Yes but they have to take responsibility for their own cameras so we always recommend disposable ones rather than digital ones. We ask for photos containing other children not to be shared on Social Media afterwards.

The weather in June is often very warm so why are the children not allowed to take shorts and short sleeved T-Shirts? Why do they have to wear long sleeved T-shirts and long trousers?

The activities call for harness, life jackets and other such safety equipment. If children have short sleeved T-shirts they then have to wear long sleeved jumpers / hoodies in order to complete the activities – the sleeves offer comfort and protection for the wearing of equipment – we have found in the past that the straps and buckles chafe bare skin.  With jumpers and hoodies, the children then overheat. It is essential that T-shirts are all long sleeved or they will not be allowed on the activity. Time between activities is very tight and so children cannot go up and down to dorms to get changed. Long trousers are for the same reason – chafing, protection from dirt, mud, cold and skin injuries. Again, children are not allowed on activities if their legs are uncovered. Please do not waste essential luggage room with shorts and short sleeved T-shirts that the children will not be allowed to wear.

Why are aerosols banned from the Centre?

The fire alarms / smoke detectors are very sensitive as they should be for safety reasons. It is no fun being hauled out of activities or bed for false fire alarms! Deodorants must be roll ons. No body sprays or hair sprays will be allowed.

My child may miss me and be homesick. Why can’t I pack his / her mobile phone?

Two issues here – mobile phones are too expensive and apt to cause problems. Staff have mobile phones that can be used in emergencies and, in extreme cases of illness or distress can be used to communicate with school and home.  Homesickness is rarely an issue in this era of sleepovers and extended families but if it is then we deal with it sensitively and encouragingly as you would expect. 

If my child hates it or doesn’t settle can he or she come home?

Often the anticipation of the trip leads to high emotions. We know the trip inside out now and can work round children’s natural nerves. Often, the children we expect to have a little wobble just throw themselves into the experience like troopers! We would hope that the children would always get something from the experience and as the full timetable of activities doesn’t finish until the very last moment, we would be loathed to allow your child to give up easily.  We would try everything we could to help children to settle and enjoy the experience.  We’ve been going to Peak Venture for years and on balance there has only been a couple of occasions where we have considered asking parents to collect a child.  If there are problems that you need to know about, the group leader will definitely contact you.  It is worth noting though, that if children are to leave during the week, parents have the responsibility for travelling to collect the child, not school staff. Also, parents would not be refunded for the trip.

Will my child eat and sleep properly?

Yes. The rooms are basic and small but it’s fun to share with friends. The children will be too exhausted to stay awake. The food is varied and fantastic. Staff always come back a couple of pounds heavier than when they left!

What about behaviour?

Never a problem! If it is we will deal with it.

Are there activity times when children are unsupervised?

No. Obviously they visit the toilet and shower without adults just as they do at home but the rooms are as close to any of the staff as you are in your own house. The site is secure and freedom is restricted. The children walk about the Centre and the site together just as they do the corridors at school. Staff bedrooms are on the same corridors as the children. Staff go to bed as soon as the children are settled for the night as they too are exhausted! Staff do not leave the Centre.

How can I prepare my child?

  • Teach them to change their own bedding.
  • Name everything they own that they are taking.
  • Ensure they can eat with a knife and fork.
  • Encourage them to tidy up after themselves.
  • Get them to help pack their own luggage.
  • Teach them to wash themselves and their own hair.
  • Encourage them to help others and consider other people’s ideas and feelings.

What about medicines, lotions and potions?

All medicines need to be written down with precise instructions. Inhalers, hay fever tablets and travel sickness pills need to be provided. Mrs Kelsey needs everything passing over either before or on the morning of departure. Blue consent forms need to be fully filled in and detailed. Mrs Robinson will take Calpol with her and act in ‘loco parentis’ for any minor aches and pains. If your child cannot take Calpol, please let Mrs Kelsey know.

Will the staff be strict?

Oh yes. You will want your child to be safe and have good conduct. We are always a massive hit with the Centre staff because of our politeness and helpful enthusiasm. We’ve never sent a child home for bad behaviour and we don’t intend to start. However – the staff going do intend to give your child a week of fun. You know the staff of Acre Heads – there are bound to be frolics and pranks – we will say no more………