RE – Discovery RE

The teaching of Religious Education (RE) at Acre Heads

At Acre Heads, we have introduced a whole school RE scheme called Discovery RE. This is an enquiry-based learning approach from Foundation Stage to Year 6.  Through engaging and interactive lessons, children will investigate 59 enquiry modules covering Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. We aim to give children the knowledge, critical thinking skills, open-minded and respectful attitude towards different religions that will let them investigate the world of religion and beliefs (theirs and others). This will enable children to make their own decisions about what this means to them, whilst empathising with what it means to those who hold those beliefs.

We also aim to enable children to grow spiritually by developing their awareness and skills of reflection, their experience of awe and wonder and their appreciation of stillness and silence. We have strong connections with St. Mark’s and Anlaby Park Methodist churches with services taking place throughout the year for all children and parents to participate in.

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Further information about how the school approaches the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education through the Jigsaw programme can be found within the documents listed below:

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