The health and safety of all our children is of paramount importance. Parents and carers send their children to school each day with the expectation that school provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish. We therefore take every practicable measure to ensure that this expectation becomes reality.

We have Safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

These can be accessed via the school or this website.

Here are the school Safeguarding Co-ordinators:

The Governor responsible for Safeguarding is Mrs Rachel Pearson.

Everyone in our community has the responsibility to act on any concerns that they may have about a child’s well being and safety.

Parents and Carers:

We pride ourselves in the effort we make to develop a nurturing and caring ethos and relationship with our families.

We are delighted to be able to support families throughout any stresses or strains they may have. We can do this ‘in house’ by giving family members our time and counselling skills or we can enlist the help of our professional colleagues who can access or signpost services in the medical, mental health or social services departments.

Occasionally we do have a worry or query about some aspect of a child’s life. This might be because a child is upset or because a parent has approached us for help. We have long since realised that we do not live in a perfect world and none of us have the perfect answer to child related problems.

However, we are legally obliged to pass on any concerns we have about a child’s safety and wellbeing to the appropriate authority. We never do this anonymously and we never do it behind parents’ backs unless circumstances call for this. If we have a concern about your child we would normally discuss our intentions with you. If we are approached by social services or any other safeguarding body / force, we are obliged to work with them to support any issues they have been asked to investigate and it would be up to them as the lead professionals to inform you about their concerns.

If we ever have serious concerns that a child is being subjected to criminal behaviour, we would immediately contact the appropriate authority without delay in order to keep the child protected from any further harm.

Very often, children who are distressed or anxious about something relating to their home life do disclose information to us as they seek our help. We always tell the child to consider that we cannot keep secrets and must act on their information if we feel that they are in danger of criminal harm. The same goes for any adult disclosure if it concerns serious harm of any child.

We are here to educate, help, support, nurture and safeguard your child. If you have any more questions relating to Child Protection in our school, please contact our Child Protection Officers, Mrs Robinson or Mrs Hare.


Adults working on site:

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and expect all adults on site to share this commitment.

If you have concerns, please record these, along with any observation or conversation heard, and report this as soon as possible. Pink forms are available from the staffroom, and should be returned immediately to Mrs Robinson or Mrs Hare.

  • Do not conduct your own investigation
  • Do not keep your own personal records
  • Do keep all concerns and information confidential

Concerns may arise from:

  • You seeing an injury
  • A pupil tells you something
  • Another adult tells you something
  • Something else that does not feel quite right

If a pupil chooses to tell you something:

  • Promise confidentiality but not secrecy
  • Reassure the child that they have done the right thing
  • Listen but do not ask leading questions
  • Record and pass on your concerns to Mrs Robinson or Mrs Hare

Your help in supporting our safeguarding work is appreciated by the school and by our pupils. If you do not feel your concerns have been dealt with appropriately then please call the Local Authority Designated Officer, Mr Tony Marsh (01482 887700)

Important Documents:

Keeping Children Safe In Education 2016
What to do if you're worried a child is being abused.

Useful advice

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