We have an active School Council

Each term, new Class Councillors are chosen by the children.

Regular meetings are called to discuss ideas, events and issues relating to all of school life.

In the past, the School Council has been instrumental in making changes to all sorts of policy including behaviour, lunchtime, homework and Mega Day planning.

School Council Procedure

School Council Topics.

  • The staff as a whole decide on a theme for each term. This may be from previous meetings, current events, worry boxes or parent opinions.
  • School Councillors attend a brief meeting to find out the theme and what they need to discuss.
  • Each School Councillor then holds a meeting with their class where they discuss and debate the theme and make notes.
  • Notes are then brought by all reps to the School Council meeting and discussed further and decisions are made.

School Council Reps.

  • Each term, each class elects a boy and a girl to be their class reps.
  • They need to set a good example at all times and wear their badges.


  • Take place at least once each term.
  • Attended by all School Council members and School Council Lead Teacher.
  • A guest is invited if the theme should pertain to a certain role in school.
  • Each class’ notes are read out.
  • The Lead Teacher leads any further discussion.
  • Staff members are invited to share their opinions on the matters.
  • Each proposal is voted on. Some issues may need to be taken to Head Teacher or the Governing Body.
  • When the discussion is finished the Chair takes matters of Any Other Business. This may include ideas for next terms topic.


  • Taken by children and typed up by Lead Teacher.
  • Shared in assembly once a term.
  • Filled in School Council file along with class notes.