School Session Times

School session times
7:45Breakfast Club
8:50Registration all classes
10:00Guided Reading
10:30Assemblies and Playtimes
11:30Lunch for FS
12:15Lunch for Years 1-6
1:00FS lunch ends - registration
1:15Years 1-6 lunch ends - registration
2:10Years 3 & 4 playtime (Junior Playground)
2:25Years 5 & 6 playtime (Junior Playground)
2:30Years 1 & 2 playtime (Infant Playground)
3:30End of school
5:00First Tea time club session ends
5:30Second Tea time club session ends
6:30Third Tea time club session ends

Children should aim to be on site five minutes before the whistle goes but should not be left unattended until 8:45 when a member of staff comes on duty voluntarily.

At the end of the day, FS and KS1 children are brought out to the playground to meet parents.

KS2 children go onto the playground and are asked to return to the building if no-one is there for them.

Children in KS1 should never be expected to walk to or from school alone.  We do not consider that children younger than 16 are appropriate adults to supervise FS / KS1 children.

In the winter months, when it is dark outside, we prefer all children to be escorted home by an appropriate adult at 3:30pm and in these months we would never allow a child to go home alone after a club.

Any child not picked up at the end of the day would be kept safe in Teatime Club.

We would expect all parents / carers to inform us by note or phone call if a child is to be picked up at a different time or by a different person to usual.  We would expect parents / carers to make sure as far as possible that children know who is going to pick them up each day.

There is very limited car parking on the school site.  The carpark is for staff only.

Welbourn Walk is the small cul-de-sac which leads to the main gate at the bottom of it. It is too short, too narrow and too cramped with residents’ cars for it to be used as access to the school. The cul-de-sac presents a danger to our children and their younger siblings. Please use Norland Avenue which is wide and long and has ample room for the amount of cars which visit at school run times.  At the beginning and end of the school day, there are many cars around so we ask you to take great care and to show consideration for residents when parking cars or driving around the catchment area.  It is up to us as a community to behave responsibly and with care. Please help us to keep our precious children safe by not driving or parking down Welbourn Walk.  It is wonderful to know that you share our sense of responsibility and care for all of our children and are prepared to park on Norland Avenue and walk for a minute longer in order to keep our children safe from harm.

Access to the building is via the Pedestrian gate which is just to the left of the main carpark gate.  Children must never be walked through the carpark.  During good weather, the back field gate will also be opened and provide access to the site at school run times.

Visitors should ring the bell on the Welcome Desk entrance door.  Please be aware that this is a security door and you will need to be buzzed in by a member of staff to gain access to the building.  Please ensure that you close this door properly after you.