Where to find our school policies

At Acre Heads Primary School we have a wide range of school policies which outline our practice and are formulated and approved and reviewed by the Governing Body as well as School Staff.

Copies of our main policies and documents may be found as follows:

  1. Go up to the ‘Our School’ menu tab at the top of this page and allow your cursor to hover over the ‘policies’ option.
  2. Here you will see three sub-menus – Curriculum Policies, General Policies and Safeguarding Policies.
  3. Click on the sub-menu that contains the policy you are looking for.

The school has other policies relating to staff only.  In addition, many policies are provided by the Local Authority and adopted by our Governing Body.

The school must follow legal requirements when dealing with admissions and term time holidays.  These policies are written in law.

Please contact the school office if you wish to read a policy that has not been uploaded.


All our download documents are in the Adobe PDF format.
Click below to download the free viewer.

adobe pdf