School uniform at Acre Heads Primary School

The wearing of school uniform is strongly supported by the governors of the school and helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging in the children.

It also avoids the upset and cost of trying to keep up with the latest fashion! Fashion ‘fads’ are not expected to be reflected in the children’s appearance at school.

This includes all make up, nail polish, unusual hair colourings, hair styles and tattoos. All the children are expected to arrive at school in their correct school uniform.


Grey trousers or shorts, white or grey shirt with plain dark green tie (optional – preferably elasticated for infants) or polo shirt, dark green jumper or school sweatshirt, grey socks. In Summer, grey shorts may be worn.


Dark green or grey pinafore dress or skirt or grey trousers, white blouse with optional dark green tie (see above) or polo shirt , dark green jumper or school sweatshirt, white socks. Tights should be white, black, green, grey or skin tone coloured. Green and white gingham summer dresses may also be worn. In Summer, grey shorts may be worn.

Green sweatshirts, fleeces, book and PE bags, white ‘T’ shirts and polo shirts, all with the school logo, are also available from the internet.

Fleeces are for outdoor wear only. Caps can be worn outside during the summer months.

We prefer children to wear shoes rather than trainers all day. Any trainers worn for school other than PE should be black.

Staff wear school High Visibility jackets and tabards and sometimes ‘Bumbags’ containing first aid and other small items of school equipment. 




All children should have two kits available in school at all times – an indoor kit comprising of white T-shirt, black shorts and sandshoes, and an outdoor kit of white T-shirt, plain hoody, plain jogging trousers and trainers.


Children should not wear jewellery at school for safety reasons. Children arriving at school with jewellery other than stud earrings, one charity band and one watch will be asked to remove it and keep it somewhere to take home.

Any earrings should be small studs, removed for PE

The wearing of jewellery worn for religious reasons should be in agreement with the Headteacher. The school is not allowed to accept any responsibility for jewellery brought to school. Earrings and watches must be removed for PE. In the case of earrings, if this is not possible, please let the teacher know with a note and surgical tape will be used to cover the studs, otherwise the child will be expected to remove the jewellery.

We do not keep stocks of School uniform at school – it should be purchased online at:

All clothes and belongings need to be named.

Order Stikins name labels from their site using the link below and earn much needed funds for school:

Stikins Name Labels