Upton’s Class Assembly was a literacy success, as they celebrated World Book Day with the school.

Here’s what the parents and carers said:

Excellent performance, really enjoyable.

It was nice to see everyone had made an effort and it was a very good and entertaining assembly.

Well done Upton! You have cheered me up on this cold winter’s day.

Wonderful and gripping from start to finish. I couldn’t stop smiling. Well done all.

Very, very good. well done!!! 🙂

Simply brilliant! 5 stars all round.

Fantastic! Funny jokes and excellent dancing and singing. All of the children did a marvellous job. 🙂

Great everyone. A little ray of sunshine on a cold day. well done.

Brilliant… booktastic even!!

Excellent assembly, well done everyone.

Wonderful singing, fantastic performance.

Exceptional! Really enjoyed the singing and they had all learned so many lines.

What an amazing assembly. They were all so clear and confident. The singing was amazing, loved the song!

Well done, fantastic.

Well done, I thought you got the message over about reading and it was lots of fun watching. Brilliant.

What a lovely assembly. Loud voices and smiles. Loved the song and great costumes. Well worth coming out in the snow.

Keep reading! Well done!

A fabulous entertaining assembly. Full of facts. I love reading and I think it’s great to encourage the children to do so, with so much technology these days.

Very proud of all of them. Perfect.

Great assembly! Everyone said their lines so well. Great dancing too. Very proud.

Well done. wonderful singing and dancing!

Superb performance as always.

Especially enjoyed the singing and dancing. Just what we needed to cheer us up on a cold morning.

They were all very good.

A fantastic performance. Very clear reading and talking. Well done children and Mrs Garnett.

Absolutely fantastic, really impressed with the performance. Well done Upton!

Very proud – very well done.