Smiler Bear

He’s the school’s famous bear, who gets everywhere.
He’s covered in fur and he goes here and there.
Every week, he goes out – he’s so smart and he’s bright.
Is he right up your street? He will hide in plain sight.

He visits the cities with shop and museums.
The theatre, the circus, he can’t wait to see ’em!
Visiting countryside, beaches and coasts.
He cannot decide which town he loves most!

Smiler the bear is a traveller with style
He goes on adventures and rambles for miles.
But he likes us to guess at what places he’s seen –
And he gives us a clue as to where he has been.

He’s met famous faces like Old Santa Claus.
and Pudsey the bear – they are great friends of course.
He’s in with the in-crowd though goodness knows how!
So where in the world is our Smiler Bear now?!

To earn Smilers for your class Golden Time:

1. Hover your cursor over the learning tab on the main menu from the home page. 













2. Hover your cursor over the Smiler bear option in the drop down menu.















3. Choose a place to investigate from the weekly drop down menu.