Smiler Bear is in a place of Nordic ice and snow.

Here are the clues:

  1. It is a country in the Arctic Region of Northern Europe.
  2. It is 3hrs flight from London.
  3. 332,000 people live here.
  4. The Capital city is Reykjavik, which means ‘smoky bay.’
  5. Its nickname is the Land of Fire and Ice.
  6. Nordic languages are spoken here.
  7. The people are mainly Christians.
  8. The currency is called Krona.
  9. The country was founded by the Vikings.
  10. Scandinavians were the first people to settle here.
  11. The country is covered by ice, glaciers and geysers and has got more than 20 active volcanoes.
  12. You can take a warm bath at the Blue Lagoon here.
  13. It is a great place to spot the Northern Lights and large humpback whales.

So – where in the world is Smiler Bear?

Tell Mrs Baker (Geography Leader) the answer and she will give you Smilers as prizes.

Now we wonder where Smiler will be next?