Smiler Bear is in a sporty place at the moment.

Here are the clues:

  1. It was specially built for a particular reason in 2012.
  2. It is now used for events for all the family to enjoy.
  3. It is in the East end of a large city.
  4. It is overlooked by Britain’s largest piece of public art.
  5. It has the postcode E20 which was previously the postcode for Walford.
  6. It overlooks the A12.
  7. During its construction over 80,000 workers were engaged on the project.
  8. Three different football teams fought to make this place their official home.
  9. It is named after a very well known old lady.
  10. It has been the site of many a bronze, silver and gold moment.

So – where in the world is Smiler Bear?

Tell Mrs Baker (Geography Leader) the answer and she will give you Smilers as prizes.

Now we wonder where Smiler will be next?