23rd November 2017

Report by Kloe

We all dressed up, either as a Roman or a Celt. With nails, we carved plaques which were made out of plaster of Paris and painted them. Meanwhile, the other children all huddled around the two portable hobs and we made Roman style pancakes with a fig or two. After we finished our pancakes, we swapped around the groups.

After lunch, we made our mosiacs which were made out of foam squares. we used our design to make the moasaic and stuck the squares to card.

After that, we all went onto the playground to have a non-contact Roman Vs Celt battle. It was good fun and I wished it to last longer!

Report by Evie

In year 6 we had a Roman and Celt day and it was very exciting. We all dressed up as Romans or Celts for the whole day and in the afternoon we had a huge battle: Romans vs Celts. We only mimed the battle and fought in slow motion, so nobody got hurt.
Throughout the day we did several Design, Technology and Art activities: Celtic round houses, Roman plaques, mosaic patterns for our calendars and we made Roman pancakes. The pancakes tasted lovely and my favourite part of the day was the battle.
The day was amazing – I wish I can do it again!