7th December 2017

It’s Christmas at the theatre, we’ll have a pantomime!
With song and dance and comedy – it’s such a brilliant time.

There’s Jack upon his beanstalk and Cinders by the fire,
With a lovestruck girl and a handsome Prince for ladies to admire.

A little boo, a little hiss – the action will be thrilling,
With a wicked old step mother and a cruel Uncle villain.

The champion will save the day with a wink and a cheeky swagger.
There’ll be lots of smoke and mirrors, and a little cloak and dagger.

The grand finale will end it all with all the happy dancing cast.
The baddies, heroes, and chorus line all making friends at last.

And the moral of the story is that beauty is within.
Don’t be ugly in your heart and a love you’re bound to win.

Our characters will fall in love and we’ll leave them gladly here.
And to you we wish a very good night, merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Sam’s panto homework project